Open Top Bus timetables

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Scarborough Open Top Buses

Our Scarborough Open Top Buses run every day from 6th April until 3rd November 2019.

Seafront Bus Service 109

Our buses on service 109 will be running with Open Top buses every day until 3rd November 2019. We run to three different timetables, depending on the date. Take a look at the calendar to see what timetable we’re running to, and then download the correct timetable below.

Scarborough Skipper Buses

We’ll also be running our Scarborough Skipper bus service, linking Scarborough Railway Station with the Alpamare Water Park and the Sea Life Centre, via the seafront. The Scarborough Skipper runs at the weekends, and on weekdays during the school holidays, until 29th September 2019. We run Open Top Buses on this route, but occasionally we might send a standard bus instead (e.g. if there’s bad weather).